Where to Eat

In Andorra, tradition and innovation shake hands under traditional recipes with products of excellent quality. The country has more than 440 restaurants for all choices and needs.

The Andorran cuisine has French and Spanish (mostly Catalan) influence. This cuisine has the traditional essence of the mountain and can be appreciated in the ‘Bordas’ or old mountain houses. In this ‘bordas’ you can enjoy typical dishes such as mountain ‘trinxat’, ‘escudella’, grilled meat or river trout.

Among the local products, traditional sausages, white wines made from grapes that are grown at more than 1,000 meters above the sea level, veal with quality seal or craft beer are good examples of what you can find in these lands. A special mention deserves the fir tree syrup that was used as a home remedy for colds and now is also used as salad dressing, meats and mixed with ice cream.

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Where to eat

(Andorra Tourism official web site, section ‘Where to eat’)