Pastoral Services

Mass schedule (regular):

Every Sunday at 12.30 pm
Saturdays as well as Easter and All Saints Vigils at 6 pm

Special or specific mass:

(Date and time to be arrange with the rector of the sanctuary)

Mass on request: A family or group on pilgrimage will be able to request a mass celebration.

Confession:During the oppening ours in both, the sanctuary and AINA.

Spiritual meetings:

  1. For younger people: the ‘Nadal Jove’ (third Sunday in advent and young Pascua)
  2. For everyone: the "diálogos en Meritxell, the third Thursday of September;
  3. A group that makes a request will be able to do so in one of the romos in the AINA.

Care Services

In the sanctuary itself, on Sunday evening and Tuesdays in the morning.

For all those groups that wish to go on pilgrimage to Meritxell, it is recommendable that the sanctuary gets informed in advance or even make a reservation. By doing so, the group can be accompanied in the celebration, as well as getting a guided visit of the sanctuary.

Diálogos de Meritxell (Meritxell Dialogues)

Once every trimester (ask for additional information directly at the sanctuary)


On September 8th by the ‘Petits Cantors’ and on Christmast Day the ‘Coral International Singers’.


Large cloister: The sanctuary nowadays

Small cloister: 14 miniatures of the most important Romanesque Churches in Andorra


On September 8th: The ‘Diada’

First Sunday of May (all the parishes to share the month of Mary)

Last week of May: young Andorrans that are receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation

Third Sunday of June: to celebrate the 25th or the 50th wedding anniversary.

During the first days of October: to celebrate the ‘Fiesta Magna’ on the ‘Diada de la gran gent de Andorra’

Young Easter

From Holy Thursday to Easter Monday, sharing with the young people of 17 to 25 the prayer, meditation and commitmen